Update on the Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit

This hip recall was classified as a Class II recall by US FDA. This means that the health consequences caused by these devices are temporary or medically reversible and the probability of these causing serious adverse health concerns is remote.

After the Stryker Hip Recall, the company volunteered to reimburse the costs related to this recall that were incurred by the recipients.

A Law Firm Can Handle Your Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit

Since the hip recall, there have been many lawsuits filed across the country over the Stryker hip replacement devices and the number has been increasing significantly.

The recipients who have filed these lawsuits are demanding compensation for suffering due to pain, lost wages, past, present and future unforeseen medical expenses and other claims.

The Stryker Multicounty Litigation (MCL) has been proceeding in New Jersey since January 2013.

As of September, there were 382 plaintiffs in the MCL court in the Stryker hip recall lawsuit cases. It is important to note that in January 2013, there were only 10 participating plaintiffs. The figure increased to 306 in August 2013 and to 382 by September.

In June 2013, the U.S Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, also called as JPML, unified all Stryker hip recall lawsuits at the federal level to form a MDL or multidistrict litigation in Minnesota. The number of plaintiffs in the MDL is also increasing rapidly.

As of August 2013, there were 198 cases whereas now in October 2013, there are 290 plaintiffs, showing that there has been a 46.5 percent increase. These consolidations to form the MCL and MDL have happened in both New Jersey and Minnesota respectively to increase the efficiency of the pretrial proceedings in both the courts.

Stryker Orthopaedic’s Reponse to the Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuits

Due to the staggering increase in lawsuits being filed against it, the Stryker Corp. has partnered with a third party claims administrator to work directly with the recipients. The third party administrator is expected to manage all the claims related to the hip recall.

As with all other claims procedures, there are a number of finer points that will require thorough study, under the microscope so to speak.

Potential claimants should first contact our Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit attorneys before they get in touch with the representatives of the Stryker hip recall claims program.

They work for Stryker; we work for you.

It has become very evident that the number of people who have been affected by these hip devices is large. The number of lawsuits being filed nationwide is a reminder that the impact of the Stryker hip recall has spread across the country and not specific to a single region or state.

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