Stryker Knee Replacement Recall

According to the FDA, getting knee replacement surgery with Stryker’s products might prove to be lethal for some.

After serious complications have been developed in some patients, the company has decided to recall its knee replacement products immediately.

Yet again, Stryker has failed to do thorough research on their products before releasing them on the market, placing their consumers in danger.

Many people have already had these faulty products installed into their body, and sadly these people are suffering because of it.

Recovery could mean new surgieries, more painful rehabilitation periods, and other medical procedures such as MRIs, follow up exams and more.

Stryker Knee Replacement After-Market Recall

After being touted as a breakthrough for knee replacement patients, the use of Stryker products has proven to be more harmful than beneficial in many ways.

It has been observed that numerous problems have been developed gradually in those who have undergone the Stryker knee replacement surgery already.

Understanding the urgency of the problem, Stryker has issued guidelines to all surgeons and hospitals to not to use the products anymore.

Unfortunately, the Stryker knee replacement products were not the only Stryker products recalled. There is also a large number of claimants suing in the Stryker lawsuit for defective hip replacement products as well. Click here to learn more about the Stryker hip replacement lawsuits.

Impact Of Stryker Knee Replacement Recall Upon Knee Replacement Surgeons

The healthcare industry is taking advantage of the incredible advancements in medical technology.

The Stryker knee replacement was once thought to be an innovation of the field, but defects in the Stryker knee replacement products have resulted in after-market recalls.

If the company had done a better job at testing their knee replacement products before releasing them to the public, perhaps the harm this product has inflicted would have been avoided.

The knee replacement process involves cutting of the bone to fit the artificial knee. However, Stryker had to recall their ShapeMatch Cutting Guide, a tool that the surgeons used before surgery.

The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide is a tool that helped surgeons place the knee replacement during surgery, telling them where to cut and where to put the knee replacement.

This product was recalled in November of 2012 because the guide had a defect that resulted in wider cuts than the surgeon had planned out for the procedure. This can result in the knee implants becoming loose or out of place and cause debilitating pain.

Surgeons are now having to contact their patients and explain they have installed a defective knee replacement, and furthermore that this may require corrective surgery and additional rehabilitation.

Once considered the best available option for knee replacement candidates, the recall of Stryker knee replacement products is shocking news to the medical community and patients alike.

Surgeons and patients were unaware that the Stryker knee replacement could potentially put recipients in harms way, and even risk their life.

Why File a Stryker Lawsuit

Patients who have undergone Stryker knee replacement surgery might be at serious risk of losing their life because of the many problems that can occur with the Stryker products themselves, as well as the risks posed by additional knee replacement surgery.

Those who have went through this process, or are currently in the process of correcting the problem may be eligible for a Stryker lawsuit. If a Stryker lawsuit is successful, families may get compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Knee replacement surgeries for athletes and others have become more and more common due to the advancement in modern medical technologies.

However, defective products prematurely sold on the market such as the recalled Stryker Knee Replacement products are incredible setbacks for individuals, families, and the entire healthcare system.

No one expected the lauded product to be recalled, and the fact that people with knee problems now have a defective and dangerous product in their bodies is a very serious problem.

Some patients have developed serious complications after the surgery, even though the knee replacement surgery itself went well.

More on the Stryker Knee Recall

The knee replacements are failing and sometimes loosening post-operation. This results in debilitating pain, inflammation, and sometimes bone and tissue damage.

The following Stryker knee replacement products have been recalled:

  • Scorpio CR and PS components
  • Duracon Total Knee
  • Unicompartmental Knee System
  • ShapeMatch Cutting Guides (a tool used by surgeons to determine where cuts in the bone should be made for the knee replacement; this system was used with the Stryker Triathlon Total Knee System)

It all began with serious side effects cropping up in those who have already undergone the surgery, such as those mentioned above. These products are supposed to help patients and not harm, but it has turned out to be that much of the time these products cause serious problems.

The Stryker knee replacement recalls came too late for many who had already undergone dangerous surgery using these products.

The Stryker Knee Replacement is a Class 1 Recall

Stryker knee replacement product recalls have been placed into the FDA’s “Class 1” category.

This means that the FDA considers the use of these products likely to cause severe adverse health problems, or even death. It is the most serious of the recall classifications.

The best option for those considering knee replacement surgery is not to use these products at all, because they post a serious and potentially fatal health risk.

A Stryker Knee Recall Is The Right Move but Too Late for Some

The Stryker knee replacement product recalls happened only after surgeons started using Stryker knee replacement products with their patients nationwide.

One wonders how such products passed the stringent medical testing process required before the product is marketed to the public. Part of the Stryker lawsuit claim is that Stryker failed in their responsibility to ensure that these products were safe for medical use.

Considering the fact that these products have already been marketed and used extensively across the nation, it will be a huge setback medically, emotionally, and financially for the people injured by these products.

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