What’s Happening in the Stryker Hip Lawsuit in 2014

The Stryker lawsuit in underway and in its beginning phases.

The Stryker metal on metal hip implants have caused very serious injuries.

Stryker is a major medical equipment manufacturer who released the ABG II Modular Neck Stem Hip Implant, as well as the Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implant in 2009.

In July of 2012 these metal on metal hip replacements were voluntarily recalled by the company.

These devices were failing an an alarmingly high rate, causing infections, pain, swelling, metal poisoning or metallosis, tissues damage, and even dislocation or displacement of the hip implant.

Many of the recipients of the Stryker hip implants have had to have their devices removed surgically, and replaced by a working product.

These surgeries are very dangerous, costly, and require months of painful rehabilitation afterwards while the patient adjusts to their new hip.

Stryker Hip Lawsuit is in Discovery Phase

The Stryker lawsuit has formed a Stryker multidistrict litigation, or Stryker MDL.

A multidistrict litigation, or MDL is a way of organizing hundreds or even thousands of injury claims, as is the case with the Stryker lawsuit,

Click here to learn all about the Stryker MDL, and what it means to you.

You might be asking, “Just what is a discovery phase?”

A discovery phase is the very beginning of the pretrial procedures, in which all parties are exchanging relevant information and documents.

Both the plaintiffs and the defendant share information with each other that will help them build their own cases. For example, the defendant, in this case Stryker, will want to know about any possible witnesses the plaintiffs will call to stand.

If one party objects to sharing a certain piece of information during the discovery phase, the opposing party can file a motion in court to try and compel it.

The discovery phase is the very first part of the pretrial litigation.

Stryker Hip Lawsuit Bellwether Trials are Coming Soon

After the discovery phase, the next step is for the court to hear the bellwether trials.

Bellwether trials happen when the court selects a few claims to be heard in court which act as representatives for the thousands of other very similar claims.

For example, if the court hears 10 Stryker bellwether trials, and each one of them moves for a Stryker settlement, the court and the defendant can assume that a settlement will be necessary for all the Stryker claims.

Thus, the courts and legal counsel do not have to litigate thousands of claims because the bellwether trials represent the group as a whole.

The bellwether trials for the Stryker lawsuit are scheduled to be heard in spring and summer of 2015.

Why You Need to File Your Stryker Hip Lawsuit Right Away

If you have received a faulty Stryker hip implant, or other metal on metal hip implant the time to act is now. The lawsuits are underway.

Yes, Stryker is offering compensation for the surgery to removed or correct the hip implant, but they are not offering compensation for your pain and suffering. That is where a Stryker lawsuit comes in.

Additionally, there is a statute of limitations on the Stryker lawsuit. The statute of limitation varies state per state, but may be as short as 1 year after you received your hip implant.

A Stryker lawsuit will pause the statute of limitations, giving you some time to sort it all out.

Getting reimbursement from Stryker itself does not stop the statute of limitations, and can lead to you missing out on your rightful Stryker settlement.

At Consumer Claims Center of America we work with the major lawyers on the case. We offer a free claims consultation, and you will not incur any legal fees unless you collect a fair and just Stryker settlement.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain, so start your Stryker claim today by filling out the online claims form on this page, or calling the number below to speak with a live representative.


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