Bill Bohack is the CEO and founder of Consumer Claims Center of America.

A people’s advocate, Bill Bohack fights for the rights of injured consumers, making sure that those who need help, get help.

Who is Bill Bohack?

Bill Bohack, founder of Consumer Claims Center of America.

Bill Bohack is a New Jersey native, but has since made a home in Sarasota, FL.

He is a family man, and in his spare time Bill Bohack can be found fishing in the bay with his children.

In the office, Bill Bohack is a “crusader in shorts, not suits,” working hard to ensure justice to individuals and businesses alike that have been harmed or wronged in some way by major corporations.

Influenced by his mother’s activist spirit, Bill Bohack set out to work immediately after the DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill, or BP Oil Spill dumped massive amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, devastating the environment, and locals businesses and families.

Bill created as an organized outreach program to those affected; the website was built for those who needed help, to get help.

Originally Bill Bohack had small fishing businesses in mind when he created Survive the Spill, but as he went into the field and really learned about the impact of the BP Oil Spill, Bill Bohack knew the problem was much larger. Everyone involved had a lot of work cut out for them.

With Bill Bohack’s evident knack for networking and community organizing, Survive the Spill became very successful, attracting attention from famous environmentalists and the cast of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

Click here to see a video of Bill Bohack and cast members of Deadliest catch discussing Survive the Spill.

Survive the Spill started working with Catholic Charities, a major charitable organization that did incredible community work during the BP Oil Spill crisis.

During his work with Survive the Spill, Bill Bohack met a variety of affected parties who had been hurt by the oil spill. Businesses experienced major losses, while individuals and families suffered as well.

Some people were made sick by the oil itself, or the dispersant spray BP used to attempt to clean up the spill.

Bill Bohack then created as an all inclusive legal network for people who were hurt by the Oil Spill.

BP Claims is a place for people to find information on the BP Oil Spill, the BP lawsuit, and what they can do to recover their losses. BP Claims has and continues to process thousands of claims related to the BP Oil Spill.

After the success of Survive the Spill and BP Claims, Bill Bohack created Consumer Claims Center of America, to serve all clients.

What is Consumer Claims Center of America?

Consumer Claims Center of America is a consumer advocacy service.

We specialize in processing personal injury claims, working with the top lawyers on the case.

Corporations such as Stryker and Depuy often don’t fulfill their legal obligation to thoroughly test their products before selling them. These companies are required to ensure their products are safe for use before releasing them on the market.

The Stryker or Depuy metal on metal hip replacements are causing tissue damage, metal poisoning, debilitating pain, and often they have to be surgically removed.

Claimants in the Stryker lawsuit find themselves asking: How could Stryker have missed such obvious problems in their clinical trials?

Often, these corporations are more profit motivated than safety-minded, and will prematurely release a product. Sometimes, the result of this greed is injury or even death.

Consumer Claims Center of America is an all-inclusive, personal injury assistance network.

We inform and educate the public on the problems with defective products, and report the latest news on personal injury lawsuits, trending important information to the public.

The best thing you can do for your personal injury claim is hire an excellent lawyer. The second best thing you can do is educate and inform yourself on your lawsuit, and your legal rights.

So what do we do here at Consumer Claims Center of America?

We process claims, helping clients understand if they have a case. We work with the best lawyers in the industry, often the major attorneys who have been appointed to handle “mass torts” such as the Stryker/Depuy metal on metal hip replacement lawsuit.

We make sure your individual claim gets the representation it deserves, so you can collet a maximized settlement and focus on healing.

If you have any questions, or are wondering if you may have a claim, call the number below to get a live representative.