Stryker ABG II Recall on Hip Implant Replacement

The ABG II recall is one of the greatest issues surrounding manufacturers of health care materials today. It has shown us that not all so-called innovations are quite beneficial and safe for use.

Recently, the product known as ABG II hip implant, which is manufactured and developed by Stryker, has been involved in several health controversies.

It was revealed that this innovative material used for hip replacement surgeries is hazardous to patients. After receiving several different kinds of complaints from hundreds of patients, Stryker finally recalled the product in July 2012.

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Impact of the ABG II Recall

The sudden ABG II recall has strongly affected patients who have undergone surgery using the material and also to surgeons who have conducted the procedure.

This recall has caused patients who already have the ABG II to question whether or not their new hip implant is safe.

Surgeons who were unaware of the risks of using the product have become concerned upon knowing that their patients have developed complications. Generally, the issue has decreased the trust of patients and had raised doubts of the safety of other medical and surgical innovations.

After the ABG II recall, the number of patients filing lawsuits against the company has risen. Many say that the promotions, representations and warranties provided by Stryker Company were misleading from the very beginning.

However, proving this is not as easy. This is why you must choose an experienced Stryker lawyer to help you develop a strong case and win a fair settlement.

What is the Cause for the ABG II Recall?

The ABG II hip implant has been developed with the purpose of enhancing hip stability after undergoing the hip replacement surgery. It is also advantageous on the part of the surgeon, as claimed by Stryker, since it can be installed more easily than other products. The ABG II was approved by the FDA in 2008 without undergoing clinical trials since it was said to be similar to other devices which were already on the market.

However, when the number of individuals that developed ABG II related complications greatly increased, the company finally decided to recall the device.

Stryker says that the reason for the recall is due to the local tissue damage resulting from the corrosion that occurs at the junction of the modular neck.

Although the materials used in the development of the product are patented, it has lead to complications such as bone fracture and metal implant detachment.

Why File a Stryker Lawsuit?

If you are a victim of the defectiveness of this product, you may choose to file a Stryker lawsuit. A hip replacement surgery is an expensive procedure and not only did you invest financially, you also invested time to undergo such a procedure, as well as time in painful recovery.

You decided to have the hip replacement surgery because you believed it would improve your quality of life.

You were not warned of the potential complications, and you didn’t know this device could cause you much more pain than your original condition.

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